Halloween campaign focal signing and floor decal. 

Halloween campaign focal signing and floor decal. 

Halloween In-store Signing Elements

Halloween characters are developed to promote candy and costume sales. Printed materials include posters, channel signing, and contest elements. 

Store Entrance Focal

Three panels are placed at the entrance of each facility to announce the Halloween promotion and create a buzz to boost sales. Hanging side-by-side the three panels show all the individual characters for the program with a clever rhyme announcing the contest. 

Contest Markers:

Each marker below is a decal placed on the floor throughout the store for contestants to find. Contestants use a map included in the weekly sales flyer to give a clue to where each decal might be. Each clue is part of the final answer and the contestant uses the final clue to enter online for a chance to win a grand prize. Click below for enlargements. 


Posters are 24"x36" and used throughout the store. Each poster is double sided with the same print on both sides. 

Channel Signing

Channel signs run the length of merchandise gondolas to promote seasonal merchandise.  

Register Hangers

These elements hang at the entrance of the registers and are about 30" in diameter.