Halloween In-store Signing Elements 2016

This year the Halloween campaign captured a nostalgic, vintage feel and set the mood for a traditional Halloween store experience. 

Store Entrance Focal

Three panels are placed at the entrance of each facility to announce the Halloween promotion and place the event foremost in the customer's mind. 

Halloween campaign focal signing. 

Halloween campaign focal signing. 


Posters are 24"x36" and used throughout the store. Each poster is double sided with the same print on both sides. 

Channel Signing

Channel signs run the length of merchandise gondolas to promote seasonal merchandise.  

Channel Pop-offs

These elements are attached on "blank" channel panels for either costume or candy aisle ways. 

End-cap Signing

Placed above end-cap pricing, these elements continue the Halloween theme in other areas of the store, away from the main Halloween merchandise.  

End-cap Slip Over Signing

End-caps will have a hanging element to call out specially planogramed merchandise in the larger Halloween sections of the store.  


Aisle invaders

Aisle invaders separate categories of candy and allow for vendor acknowledgment, which allow for co-op vendor support.   


Toppers are installed in small location fixtures to highlight Halloween merchandise.   

Halloween Danglers

Placed near registers, these elements are the last reminder for the customer to prepare. 

Concept Sketch for Approval

Before creating the finished files, this concept sketch (one of several ideas) is shown to both Creative and Art Director for approval.